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I am Hemangini Bhortakke. I am Indian and live in Maharashtra state.This is my personal blog. And I am here to share my experiences of life. I am an engineer by profession. I am also perusing the management studies and learning french since 4 years. Apart from my profession and studies, I do many activities. I am a diversified personality.

200 I love to travel. I like to talk to local people. I am curious to know about local culture. For example: local food, local language and Local attractions. I have visited many places in India and Europe. And everywhere people are always excited to talk about their place. Its fun to interact with people!

401289_383019708449916_168180465_nI am  foodie. I like to taste all sort of dishes. I can eat from the street stalls to the great restaurants. I also visit to various food events. I am passionate to know about the recipes. I love to cook too. I  like to garnish the dish and chop the vegetables beautifully. I believe, food has power to connect the world.

IMG_0191I am a voracious reader. I can not imagine my life without books. My house is full of books. My first and true love is reading biographies. I read my first book series when I was 6 as long as I remember. I have read lots of books over the span of years. Reading books is like a passionate love affair 😉

405952_2928868513707_1314804874_nI love photography too! I hold my dad’s camera in my hand when I was 12. However I was not aware about photography techniques at that time.But basic guidelines I learned from my father. Eventually I learned photography. The most appealing thing in photography is you can freeze the time forever. Being photographer, I recognized that I started admiring every individual as well as nature.

10152603_538307942944583_2871441914135012180_nDear friends, its all  about me! And one day I thought, I should also write. It would be a diary about my experiences, experiments, success, failures and most importantly my learning! But I dropped the idea because, I realized that something was missing in the activity. I thought for a while… And ultimately… I decided to blog. Would you like to know what was missing…? 🙂

72It was certainly your views, feedback, suggestions and participation! I believe, if you will join me and share your experiences in the similar situations which I experienced in my life, it will add a new dimension to my thinking.

Thank you so much for visiting “My space on web” … !!

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  1. hems I am highly impressed after visiting your website. yet to read your all blogs. I’l read them n let you know latter. amazing………………….. no words for u……………….. n really it’s sustainable development………………….. salute to my sweet friend, take care dear. smita


  2. My dear, I really appreciate your multitasking ability.Having a blend of carrier, hobbies, education and maintaining relationships with your loved ones with equal intensity is really commendable. Keep it up and wish you all the happiness in life!


  3. hems very very nice article. i don’t know whether you have read a book – the power of positive thinking by norman vincent peale, i m reading currently, if u haven’t i suggest u to read it. u r very creative, wishing u very very happy diwali.


  4. very very nice article, u r very creative, did u read the power of positive thinking? currently i m reading, read it if u not. wishing u very happy diwali.


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